Online Escape Room – Sector X: The B.R.U.C.E. Project


Renowned scientist Dr. Wilder Sr. dies tragically after a routine jump to another dimension went wrong. There was nothing left of it but a brain in a liquid tank. His son, Wilder Jr., alias Benji, is determined to revive his father's genius and thus begins the BRUCE project. The plan? Create a robot that can be controlled by a human mind.

The works are completed on the prototype. To ensure that the robot can sustain the immense power of his father's brain, Benji gathers teams of recruits from around the world to remotely access the robot's head and test its ability.

Now begins the final phase of testing. The droid is transferred to Dr. Dirk Banana so that it can be deposited in his experimental holographic test chamber. Are two heads better than one? Is it three the magic number? Will these magnificent minds function as a cohesive unit or have all of Benji's works been in vain… It's time to find out as you explore "Sector X".

Sector X: The BRUCE PROJECT is an online escape room game that can be played from anywhere using the internet. It's a cooperation game that syncs across all your devices. We guarantee at least 90 minutes of fun!

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