Crime Scene is for the detective in you

There is a little detective in each of us, even if we don't do it as a profession. It comes to light when we become curious about something, when we ask intelligent questions that lead us to unquestionable answers, or when we set out to reach a solution through logic and deduction.

We do a lot of detectives without even realizing it. It's a deep-rooted instinct in everyone.

But what would you say if we proposed to you to see how the detective in you manages in a borderline situation, in which to have a lot of fun?

That's why I created the Crime Scene room escape game.

What is the story whose protagonist you are for an hour?

When a detective known for his successfully solved cases revisits a crime scene to find out what happened, he finds more than he expected. The detective calls you, his voice sounds dangerous. Before he can tell you anything, the call disconnects. Now it's up to you and your group to find the detective. You only have an hour to discover the truth behind the crime and escape before the killer comes after you.

How does the Crime Scene train the detective in you?

  • You test your ability to think "outside the box"; try any idea, even if it may not be the right one at first.
  • You must turn every "evidence" found at the crime scene on all sides to find a clue that takes you one step closer to solving the mystery.
  • You work as a team and think as a team (Even the great Sherlock Holmes worked as a team with Dr. Watson)
  • Have fun with friends / family and you have the opportunity to see how each one reacts to various puzzles and time pressure.
  • Vezi lucrurile intr-o lumina noua: cu UV sau fără 🙂
  • You will develop your attention to detail, your spirit of observation and your ability to make deductions.
  • you will involve both the rational-logical and the emotional-creative side to achieve a well-defined goal.
  • Even if everything seems upside down, a new perspective is always welcome.
  • The pressure of time will either inhibit you or stimulate you even more to escape.

What else do you need to know about Crime Scene?

The game has a medium difficulty level. It is suitable for small groups of friends of 2-3 people but also for 5-6 people. It can be played by families or children over the age of 12.

All we have to do is invite you to the game and urge you to use every opportunity in your daily life to train your detective skills. They will be useful in situations that you would not have even thought of initially.

For reservations enter on escape rooms

La final te lăsăm cu câteva vorbe de duh spuse de cei care și-au dezvoltat detectivul din ei, creând povești cu detectivi. 🙂

"The world is full of obvious things that no one even notices by mistake." Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

"Every man believes in his heart that a detective was born" John Buchan

"If you don't know how to guess / intuit things, it doesn't help much to be a detective" Agatha Christie

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