Escape games, a new type of team building

We build experiences! We build a smart relaxation setting and a unique way to spend your free time.

"The Dungeon" is the first real room-escape game in Cluj-Napoca. This is a puzzle game and is aimed at both young people and adults of all ages. We challenge teams to search for and discover clues, decipher codes, find solutions and solve mysteries in order to escape. The game is a team game and communication, ingenuity, team spirit and attention to detail are the asset to escape in the allotted time. The team has an hour to solve the puzzles and put all the clues together, but also to eliminate the false clues.

This kind of game incorporates two psychological concepts that every person finds irresistible: mystery and unpredictability. It is in our nature to like to be surprised, not to know what awaits us, and this game offers you this experience.

The games we create take you into a world of mystery, in which you, together with your teammates, have to put your mind to the contribution to decipher the clues left in the room.

For an hour, you will be the protagonists of this real escape game, trapped inside a room specially designed to test your teamwork and give you a real experience that will make your heart beat faster, your blood run through your veins and your mind to work at maximum intensity. It is a profound experience and a perfect remedy for the stress and monotony of everyday life.

Why will you like it?

Because, as I said before, this is not something predictable and trivial. It's probably something new for many of you, it's something you can't anticipate and you can't make plans. It's something spontaneous.

In addition, the clues are very interesting and the place is very well arranged. I really invested a lot of time and passion in decorating the place to look as real as possible. For example, we have some medical tools that are taken from a flea market and were even used decades ago to treat patients.

The idea is that everything is very well thought out to make you curious and to captivate your attention.

Why is this type of activity suitable for team-building? 

The game is an interactive and captivating activity, full of challenges and involving creativity in solving the problems that the team encounters. The team must decide how to approach the solving of each puzzle and assign responsibilities so that each member is involved. The team members will have to take the initiative, but at the same time work in a team, because only together will they succeed. Players will need to communicate, cooperate and coordinate their search effectively so that they can escape before time runs out.

What do we offer you? 

Custom team-buildings. 

Our games are an ideal way to test the idea of teamwork. Considering the interactivity and dynamism that the games offer, participants will be caught in the nets of mysterious stories and will have to appeal to team spirit, communication and the skills that each has to escape. It is a captivating but also relaxing activity, during which you can test your skills with your colleagues.

For personalized offers please contact us.


All the puzzles we have are original and are fully made by our team. Those who want to test our games enter a creative space where instinct and intelligence prevail. We want to offer people a smart way to relax and that's why we always like to implement new and original ideas that test the reactions of our customers in different conditions.


The games are designed in such a way that those who reach The Dungeon are challenged to try extreme experiences. The dark and cold room is perfectly combined with the mysterious atmosphere. And also the smart puzzles constantly challenge you to a pressure test. 

Where? In our locations, in nature with an outdoor escape game or we move with mobile games to your locations.

The Dungeon is a unique game that stimulates your imagination, it is a dynamic activity that gives you the chance to be part of the story and experience the feeling of a real game, discover mysteries and solve interesting puzzles. If you like mysteries and I aroused your curiosity, then form your team and come to the first escape game in Cluj-Napoca!

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