Will you be the prisoner or guinea pig in the Mad Scientist's Laboratory?

We all have secrets! Some of us fail to keep them too long because their mouths take it in advance… but others manage to hide terrible things in their being (or in the basement of the house). 

If you don't pay attention to them or don't have the spirit to intervene quickly, these secrets will catch up with you and catch you in their clutches…

On this idea we built The Experiment, the first Room Escape game in Cluj-Napoca and the first script by The Dungeon.

Let's say you booked a game for 2-6 people here. What happens next?

As soon as you join your team in the basement on Petru Maior Street, no. 13, in Cluj-Napoca, you will be for an hour the protagonists of an initially gloomy story, but full of mystery and adrenaline: 

We are in 1940. A noble old man, known in his city and region for his intelligence, charisma and scientific success, hides a terrible secret in the basement of his house…

Here he has a laboratory in which he makes sick experiments on people… prisoners whom he either catches and brings here by force or lures them into a trap to later catch. 

The old man is crazy! The Crazy Scientist calls himself! He finds pleasure in torturing prisoners by all sorts of creative means. He lets some escape just for fun, only to catch them again and silence them… What few know is that the Mad Scientist has installed a system of traps and mechanisms in his underground laboratory. to hold you captive forever. 

What he doesn't know is that his methods are not invincible if you and your teammates move fast and smart. You can sabotage its traps and decipher the riddles in the underground laboratory. For this you have less than 1 hour, the time when it is usually gone. 

What "little secrets" can we tell you about The Experiment?

  • it's a very challenging game, with a high level of difficulties that puts your intelligence wheels in motion
  • it becomes even more difficult when played by large groups, because everyone comes with an opinion and the saving ideas may be implemented later.
  • Suprinzator: anumite elemente care tin de decor si de puzzle-uri te surprind placut si iti provoaca senzatii puternice; nu te astepti să se intample anumite lucruri, dar aici nu putem da spoilere. 🙂 
  • Time flies fast because puzzles are engaging and keep you hooked
  • The whole atmosphere creates the feeling that you are part of the story I just told you. Moreover, there will be that annoying feeling that the evil character, the Mad Scientist is about to return at any moment. 
  • The last minutes of the game create a frenzy among the players, overwhelmed by the emotion of escape and the intention to escape in time. 
  • The Experiment gives you the satisfaction of solving difficult puzzles when the team is united and communicates very well
  • gives you the opportunity to develop leadership skills when the team is larger (3-6 people) and must be coordinated.
  • Develops communication, teamwork and mutual trust between players.
  • Each team member has the chance to test their skills. Some puzzles are built in such a way that only one of the players has the ability or understanding to solve it. Who's the superhero now?

We recommend The Experiment to groups of 4-6 people, but not to children under 14 (the atmosphere and scenery would be scarier for them). 

So all we have to do is invite you with your friends, to the Scientist's Laboratory, in a secret world where science, mystery and danger make a good team. 

Will you be the prisoners / guinea pigs of the Mad Scientist or will you have the satisfaction of a suspenseful escape?

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