What kind of player are you?

Escape games have won millions of hearts worldwide. Enthusiasts and the curious alike are looking forward to new experiences to test with friends, colleagues or family. And some of them form solid teams, with which they participate in all games. That's because they are based on the strengths of their teammates. I know that I can count on them and that every member of the team has certain skills that they would not be able to do without. 

Depending on the type of intelligence you each have, you will be more attracted to solving a certain type of puzzle. Some are real Sherlock Holmes and notice every detail (even where there are no clues). Others have an outside the box thinking and solve puzzles in completely creative ways. For people with logical thinking, games that involve math or decipherable codes make sense. And for those with kinesthetic intelligence, the mechanisms and objects they have to touch or maneuver are all the delight of the mission. 

One of the pleasures of the Game Master job is to observe the players and how they react to the challenges. Experience has taught us that there are certain types of players that step on our doorstep. We can easily tell from the beginning whether a team will escape or not, depending on its teammates and even before entering the game. But in most cases, how the first 15 minutes go are decisive for the success of the game. 

Below we have compiled all our knowledge about the players who cross our threshold and we have described them as best we could. If you have already played an escape room, you will definitely find yourself in at least one category. If not, we hope that the article will make you curious and test the theory at the first opportunity, because in practice it is possible to behave completely differently.

The computer 

When ideas hit you, you don't see green stars, you see numbers. Equations, sequences of numbers, symbols? It all makes sense in your mind. You like logic games and you don't like to leave everything to chance. You are the kind of player who does not ask for clues as soon as he stumbles, because you like challenges and you are trying to solve them without help. You are attracted to numbers and you usually spend minutes testing an idea, even if it's not the right one. Don't think too complicated and try to alternate ideas. This way, you will be the savior of the team!


Does the situation seem hopeless? You immediately come up with an ingenious solution. Whether you're going to get clues out of hard-to-reach places (read, "forbidden") or sit next to that cipher padlock until you find the combination, your teammates can count on you. You are not the best friend of the Game Master, because you usually do not follow the rules, but you will be appreciated if you find a unique solution. Be careful not to ruin the charm of the game. The more games you solve without using the clues in the room, the more frustration you will have. That's because you will skip puzzles and in the end the Game Master will have to explain what you missed. Our advice: Have fun, luck is definitely on your side!


You want to make sure that the mission is accomplished and that no one wastes a minute of your precious time. You organize your team, you make the game strategy and you expect everyone to report what they found or solved. You get involved in solving each puzzle, you just don't want to lose anything. Delegate tasks and watch with satisfaction how your ideas come to life. With a team leader, the game always seems to be won. But pay close attention to the communication part. You need to consider the ideas of others, not just your own. Any idea can be a lifeline!

Scaredy cat (The Scary)

You're not sure if the escape room game is safe for you or if you'll be locked up there forever (Muhahaha!). So, the first question asked by the Game Master is if there is anyone else with you in the room or what happens once the game is over. Friends know that you are scared, so they will do their best to cause you small strong sensations during the game. Fear not! Usually, you are the kind of player who has the most fun during the game and is most excited about the experience at the end of it. Once you get rid of the fear of panic attacks, everything starts to make sense and you will be very helpful to your team. Congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone!


You like to be up to date with everything that happens and communicate with everyone. You don't lose your temper when you run out of clues, but you evaluate the situation and come up with solutions. You are tidy, you have all the clues written on the sheet, and the ones used are already set aside. You like to be the one to press the button on the walkie-talkie or intercom and communicate the progress of your team to the Game Master. Don't forget, the team is watching the video, so you don't have to tell us what you solved at every step. Ask for clues only when you have the ideas at the bottom of the bag and there is no way out. Otherwise, the fun is guaranteed and we are sure you will make the most of it!


You like to do everything alone and without help. Usually, you expose this from the beginning and ask the Game Master not to give you clues during the game. This may not be in agreement with all team members, some more novice than you. You came to break the record, not the experience itself. You want to know what is the shortest time to solve the game, the success rate of the teams and for you it is clear everything you have to do. You are sure that luck is on your side and you will do everything for your team to escape in time.


You are the kind of player who helps everyone and gets involved in solving each puzzle. Curious by nature, you don't want to miss anything. You notice details and launch ideas, which others try. Jump from puzzle to puzzle and if one idea is not good, move on to the next. This can be an excellent asset, there is no need to waste time with false leads. But sometimes it's good to take care of something until you're done. This way, you don't miss a puzzle just because you have the impression that the solution is not good, and your colleagues can rely on you. Once solved, you can move on to the next one and thus you will reap the sweet victory!


Have a clear mind, notice every detail and make quick connections between the clues found. You know exactly what you need to do, and that's because you probably like games in general or hobbies that train your brain. All the ideas come to you naturally, without too much effort and you do not tend to over-analyze the situation. You play because you want to escape from everyday life and you like new situations. Together with the right colleagues, make a fantastic team, which is likely to break the room record. The escape room game comes to you like a glove and you will definitely come back to try the next experience.


You don't know exactly what to do or if you will like the game. At first, you tend to stand aside and watch what others are doing. When you decide to get involved, it's very nice for the team because you have the talent to find many objects, numbers or clues. Even if you do not know exactly how they are used or what role they will play, you keep the inventory and you will know exactly what clues have been used so far. You have an eye for details and you can come up with "outside the box" ideas. With a little communication, you will definitely be an asset for the team!

Final thoughts

We hope that we have aroused your interest in escape room games even more and that you have found yourself in at least one category. If you liked the article, leave us an emoji and challenge your friends to find out more about them. What kind of player are you? We can't wait to find out more in the comments.

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