When was the last time when you did something for the first time?

We have a great idea for you: gather a few friends and try to escape in 60 minutes from The Dungeon!

What will happen? You’ll get locked up in a room alongside your teammates. Your challenge is to get out before your time runs out! Each room has a different story and scenario and the goal is to solve the mystery or the puzzle. Can you do that?

We can give you some hints:

*Don’t forget: time is not your friend! When the time’s up, the game is over.

*Once you’re inside the room, just start to play and look around! Most of the teams are wasting precious time at the beginning of the game.

*Team work is really important. Listen to you friends – maybe they have a great idea on how to connect the clues together. Communication is mandatory if you want to solve the game.

*Get involved: use your skills to solve puzzles, ask out loud anything that pops into your mind. Maybe later on in the game someone will find the answer to a very well put question.

*Think! Don’t just stare at the decorations or wait to get help. Try to solve the puzzles on your own and then share your thought with your team.

*The Dungeon Masters are there to help you, not to mess with your mind, so accept their help if you need it.

*Use you creativity and be curious about everything. Maybe you’ll discover a new way to pair clues.

Try out an unique experience and be part of the story. We have 3 different scenarios for you, be part of our stories!

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